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Recent Reviews

Shrimp Parm Hero

@ Park Italian Gourmet

Available only on Fridays. It's damn good. Add fried calamari and extra red sauce to the hero for maximum enjoyment.


Shrimp Parm HeroPicture
Posted by radler

Pork Taco

@ BrisketTown

Moist pulled pork gets a nice salty crunch from cracklings and some kick from the salsa verde. Had this at MadSqEats so not sure you can get it here. Hopefully they sell it full time somewhere soon.


Pork TacoPicture
Posted by GoodEatz

Chicken & Waffles Sandwich

@ Mason Jar NYC

Sounds like it had a lot of potential, but the fried chicken was lacking in flavor. The chopped apple is a nice touch though.


Chicken & Waffles SandwichPicture
Posted by GoodEatz

Duck Leg Confit

@ Pagani

A rich, meaty leg of duck tempered by the dried cherry mustard and a goat cheese toast. A great starter to share with a friend.


Duck Leg ConfitPicture
Posted by JayZygmunt
JayZygmunt's blog

Ravioli Cacciatore

@ Pagani

The chef’s play on chicken cacciatore contains perfectly cooked chicken and pasta in a tangy, meaty sauce. It’s a on the smaller side, but perfect if your saving energy to go out afterwards.


Ravioli CacciatorePicture
Posted by JayZygmunt
JayZygmunt's blog
  • A life altering experience. One of the best things you’ve ever eaten.
  • Seriously great - a must try!
  • A very good dish all around.
  • Suitable if you’re in the mood.
  • Not an enviable dish. Not recommended.